Leyla Navab ArtSilk, located in Santa Monica, California, is a small business dedicated to creating high-end silk wearable art and accessories. Founded in 2006 by Leyla Navab herself, Leyla Navab ArtSilk has created and maintained a high standard of quality work and has been recognized in 2011 as a winner of The Niche Award; the highest recognition for crafts made in the United States. Leyla Navab ArtSilk’s mission is to make women feel unique, sophisticated, and connected to their individual beauty.

In 2007 Leyla Navab ArtSilk began showing in art and crafts shows and she has been featured in boutiques around Santa Monica, California; where all Leyla Navab ArtSilk items are born. Leyla Navab, a Fine Arts graduate who has accumulated over 30 years of painting experience, specializes in hand-painting silk with a brush. Silk is her canvas and each item is truly an awe-inspiring painting. The attention to detail given to all Leyla Navab ArtSilk items is unique and the colors created are unmatched in the silk painting industry. The gracefulness of the silks used by Leyla Navab ArtSilk gives the rich and exceptional colors three-dimensional life.

At Leyla Navab ArtSilk we strive to give our client a product that is genuinely made to make her feel graceful and elegant.

Leyla Navab
Leyla Navab studied Graphic Design at the school of Fine Arts and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in 1983. Her studies were greatly influenced by schools like Beaux Art de Paris and Bauhaus in Germany. She arrived to the U.S. in 1998 and lives in Los Angeles, California.

Leyla has chosen Silk as her medium because of its direct connection with nature. She uses a French technique by the name of “Gutta” along with colored ink specially made for natural fibers. This special ink becomes permanently set with steam and is completely washable. The beauty of Silk lends itself to create wonderful vivid colors that are one of a kind.

Leyla believes art should add beauty to life and inspire a connection with its observer. Nature is her biggest inspiration and it is used as her main motif. The result of such inspiration is wearable Art on Silk.